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First orthophoto of archaeological site of UR realized using UAV

The first ortho-photomap of the archaeological site of UR was assembled using hundreds of frames taken by a UAV system that flew on the site in the month of March 2014 following a heavy rain that has made visible many underwater structures. The strong moisture is also shown by the presence of green areas, particularly in the areas of water drainage flow. In addition to the archaeological remains that finally can be clearly viewed from above of 150 meters of altitude with a good resolution, the conformations of the hydrographic patterns of the land that will remove, if reactivated according to their natural flow, the stagnation of rainwater producing damage to archaeological structures, is clearly visible.

The average resolution is 20 cm. A resolution of 5 cm is being processed and will be released soon.


Orthophotomap 1:1500 resolution 20 cm

Orthophotomap 1:1500 resolution 20 cm

Some images taken with the UAV flight in UR on March 2014

The realization of aerial picture for the reconnaissance of archaeological sites is typically realized in periods following heavy abundant rains that allow to display different colors of the terrain as a function of the consistency of the different materials.
The weather pattern in the region of the UR typically shows heavy rainfall in the winter and spring months and in this case we were lucky in achieving air takings as a result of heavy rains that occurred in the region up to 16 March 2014.
The underground archaeological structures are clearly evident in the normal spectrum of visible light.
In the sample images attached is clearly visible the design of the archaeological structures, especially where excavations were carried out and subsequently covered.